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luna bear doll face


About the Business

Here at Luna Bear Doll Face, pride is taken in creating handmade garments from vintage, repurposed, up cycled, and second hand textiles for your lovely children. Each beautiful item is carefully designed starting by the owner drawing out patterns, then carefully hand picking each beautiful piece of fabric, followed by cutting & sewing, and finally carefully packaging for you to enjoy. The mission of the shop is to create heirloom pieces for children to play in, while being environmentally friendly by using beautiful forgotten fabrics.     

About the Owner

This small shop business is a one woman show. Tara Higley started her dream of designing unique baby and children's clothing in the summer of 2016. She was inspired after having her fourth child, Luna. Tara wanted Luna to wear beautiful and unique clothing but as a stay-at-home mom could not afford to purchase much of anything, so she began sewing her own creations to adorn Luna in from rompers to headbands cut from vintage fabrics her mother had passed down to her and even some thrifted clothing. Shortly after getting compliments from friends, family, and even many strangers, she decided to open her own handmade baby boutique online and has enjoyed it even more than she could have ever imagined.

 From childhood on, Tara was always a creator of pretty things; making doll clothes to painting old decorations for her ever-changing decor in her bedroom. Tara's mother inspired a love and appreciation for beautiful fabrics and fashion. In her summers growing up, Tara's parents would take her on many camping trips in their old hippie van. This brought a deep love for nature and along the way they would stop at Native American reservations to purchase beautiful handmade jewelry and stop at small town antique store for treasures to take home.   

Now days you can find Tara behind her sewing machine in Austin, TX. She has a full home with her four children and husband, who is an environmental biologist and starting his own business to stop invasive species from destroying our planet. Before Tara started staying home to concentrate on her family more, Tara taught kindergarten and holds a master's in education. Now it's her turn to pass down the love for all things handmade and finding vintage treasures.

About the Name

The adorable, mouth full of a name "Luna Bear Doll Face" simply comes from Tara's youngest daughter's name, Luna. Tara's nickname is Bear and so Luna's nickname became Luna Bear. When Luna was born premature at 35 weeks she was so small, so sweet, and slept most of the time. Tara was told several times that Luna looked like a doll. So, the phrase, "Luna Bear has a doll face" became our shop, "Luna Bear Doll Face".